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Geometry Is Vibration

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Lets Connect, Consciously.

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Mindful Process

My creations are heart based with intention
Made by feeling, in small quantities, & never forced....

Words to you..

 I have innately always felt even as a child that the natural, holistic, and simple ways of approaching healing prove to be more beneficial at times for not only our bodies but more importantly the energy within and around us. And I feel society is reverting back to these practices and philosophy more and more as a whole, which is very exciting. Through all of my life changes and endeavors one thing has remained the same internally,  that I wish to help and listen to people and I feel that I am here in this existence to be of service. I care about what you have to say.  It is when I was searching for deeper meaning and fulfillment in life that I, connected deeply with myself and healed myself from internal imbalances and I felt the power of consciousness & the soul. I've learned that life is a series of experiences that we can learn from and that our inner self is always trying to communicate with us. We can all learn to listen and create harmony.  My desire to seek truth in healing led me to studying holistic practices and receiving certification in Usui Reiki, researching crystals and creating Orgonite healing pyramids. When I'm not doing this, I am drawing, painting, crafting, hiking and connecting with nature. Or I'm promoting veganism, a strong passion in my life. 

 I would love to meet and work with you to enhance wellness in your life, make a special creation for your space or exchange some words. I truly care about YOU. 

you're always welcome and I wish you the best. 

With love and light,


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