Custom Pyramid

  • Thank you for your interest in a custom creation!!

    What I love MOST about using my artistry to construct healing devices is connecting with people one on one. I love picking up the phone and truly making a new friend and getting to know the soul on the other end. My work is not work but my passion, play and joy and I put every ounce of myself into every detail. 


    After receiving the initial $15 plus shipping towards your pyramid I will reach out to you and we can discuss your preferences via email or phone. 


    Before we connect, I like to pull an Angel card to guide me towards what we should include and also to tap into your energy. Prior to speaking, I also perform a solo meditation to allow any information to come through intuitively.  

    During our connection we can exchange... intentions, colors, words, specific stones or mantras you would like for me to include. 


    What my creative process entails:

    -Meditation and opening the creative space

    -Infusing Reiki into the pyramid

    -Attuning your piece to healing sounds frequencies 432 and 528 hz

    -Putting your intentions and any feelings and energies that came through prior to our connection and after that you are seeking. 



    You should receive your piece within 2-5 weeks depending on contents. I receive stones from all over the world.



    Final cost is due when the pyramid is finished. It is based on contents and time and will be the total minus the $15 and shipping paid initially. 


    Finally...THANK YOU 
    Love and Light to you,