Green Aventurine Grid

  • Stones were lovingly and positively programmed and were Reiki blessed before creative session

    Lepidolite (top stone)- Find your center with Lepidolite, the stone that rocks at easing feelings of anxiety because of its stabilizing powers. 
    Lepidolite crystal contains a high amount of lithium, which is also used in anti-anxiety medication. This stone has a unique power to relieve emotional suffering, by helping you become awakened to the joy present in the universe. It has a detoxifying effect and stimulates the purification process

    Chakras: Third eye, Throat, Heart 


    Moonstone- This ethereal stone that channels the moon. it is associated with the inner goddess, a symbol of fertility and sensuality and give us increased intuition. Moonstone helps to open up the heart chakra, which allows us to be more receptive and in touch with our inner feelings.
    Chakras: Heart


    Green Aventurine grid- Green Aventurine-Protects the heart, attracts luck, abundance and success. Green Aventurine is commonly known as a “stone of personal growth”, and offers opportunities for learning about oneself and one's place in the universe.
    Chakras: Heart


    Meaning: Orgone (life force energy) Balances and clears harmful or stagnant energy (positive ions) by emitting negative (healthy) ions/energy into the air through the pyramid creating a localized field of high frequency energy.


    Benefits: Enhanced sense of wellbeing,  increased balance and

    harmony in environment, clears energy blockages, vivid dreams, accelerates plant growth, purifies atmosphere and water, protects from EMF (electromagnetic frequency) waves, better sleep, aids in meditation.