Heart Center

  • During each creation process I open the space, set intentions, cure the pyramid to 432 or 528 healing frequencies, and pull an angel card. For this specific creation I felt called to include the intention of coping. The intention was that the person receiving this pyramid would be aided and guided to cope through whatever it is they need through the Heart. This energy is soft and comforting, using heart chakra stones. 

    This is why i gave it the name Heart Center...


    Heart Center 

    Orgonite Pyramid-Crystals received Reiki and were Lovingly and Positively programmed.

    Rose Quartz-"Love Stone" Opens heart chakra to self-love, love in relationships of all kinds.

    Peridot-Stone of compassion. Excellent for healing, rebirth and renewal, abundance.

    Clear Quartz-Channels universal energy, enhances thoughts, extremely 

    beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection and channeling. 





    Meaning: Orgone (life force energy) Balances and clears harmful or stagnant energy (positive ions) by emitting negative (healthy) ions/energy into the air through the pyramid creating a localized field of high frequency energy.


    Benefits: Enhanced sense of wellbeing,  increased balance and harmony in environment, clears energy blockages, vidid dreams, accelerates plant growth, purifies atmosphere and water, protects from EMF (electromagnetic frequency) waves, better sleep, aids in meditation.