Madame Lune

  • Orgonite Pyramid-Crystals received Reiki and were Lovingly and Positively programmed. 

    Moonstone-Calms, relieves stress, enhances feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition.

    Rose Quartz-"Love Stone" Opens heart chakra to self-love, love in relationships of all kinds.

    Agate- Positive effect on emotions and attitude, protection

    Clear Quartz- Channels universal energy, enhances thoughts, extremely

     beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection and channeling. 

    Gold Flakes 

    (**Handle gently and with care**)


    Meaning: Orgone (life force energy) Balances and clears harmful or stagnant energy (positive ions) by emitting negative (healthy) ions/energy into the air.

    Benefits: Enhanced sense of wellbeing,  increased balance and harmony in environment, clears energy blockages, vidid dreams, accelerates plant growth, purifies atmosphere and water, protects from EMF (electromagnetic frequency) waves, 

    better sleep, aids in meditation.


    Size: Base sides: 3.5'', Height: 3.5''

    *Each individual item was handcrafted therefore it will not reflect factory appearance*
    *Returns are handled on a case by case basis*

    Thank you so much for looking!! :)